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Social Semiotics, Vol. Male Prostitution. A contrast is drawn between nineteenth-century understandings of male prostitution and.

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In contrast to female prostitution, male. Research suggested that male. Through the. The paper. This distinction. In this paper I argue that male prostitution has been rendered socially problematic. However, this commentary will differ from others in its insistence that prostitution. While male prostitution has invariably.

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As a social. This paper is concerned with the discursive constitution of male prostitution as a. The paper will examine why male prostitution did not. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, male. By the mid-twentieth century, male. Following from this, male prosti-. This shift. These narratives have been informed by the categorisation of prostitutes and. Through an understanding of the prostitute subject it becomes possible to. Perhaps the most striking development to. It has become. The multipli-.

Male Prostitution as Unnatural. Both male prostitution and female prostitution were problematised during the. This is not to infer that either prostitution or same-sex. The development of normative understandings of. Some types of homosexuality were. Congenital or hereditary homosexuals inverts were generally. These attitudinal and behavioural. While male prostitution might be compared with female prostitution, so far. In contrast to femininity, masculinity was translated as being a.

There were no. A detailed aetiological understanding of male prostitution did not eventuate. Male prostitution represented a problem enmeshed.

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This is not. Historical evidence indicates that as early as the eighteenth century commer-. However, such behaviour. No distinction emerged during this.

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Male prostitution was regarded as a problem that involved a minority of perverts. In contrast, female prostitution. The discovery during the nine-. Acton The threat of prostitution was articulated with reference to the. So great was the concern. Female prostitution was,. The social dislocation of male prostitution can be gauged with respect to the.

In May a. Three men were arrested, pilloried in the Haymarket, and. A contemporary account described the wrath of the mob towards these. Persons of all social. Their arrests were followed by the.

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It was reported that White had been a. Both White and. Hepburn were convicted of sodomy and publicly hanged. Vere Street became notorious not because it involved something that resembled.

Bray has argued of molly houses that. What both titillated and concerned the public. Sensationalised accounts made much of the way in which those who visited and. The problem here. The severity of the punish-.

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Yet, for all the loathing they. These issues. Corbin , Mahood , Spongberg During the middle decades of the twentieth century there was a shift in the way in. During this period it was understood to be the duty of the law and agencies. Increasingly, young males involved in. The nineteenth-century.

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The uniting of these seemingly contradictory images, in what. In the decades that immediately followed the Second World War, male prosti-. Accounts of. There was no. In broad terms, a shift occurred in the way in which sexual behaviour was. Older biopolitical problems were reformulated during the post-war period. Like venereal disease, it threatened to. Wartime concerns over population did not recede during this period, but. Changing understandings of sexual behaviour raised new questions concerning. These reports dispensed with earlier. Medicine and the social sciences became. The viability of socio-sexual engineering was apparent with the post-war construc-.

During the s and s male prostitution. What rendered male prostitution a governmental problem was the idea that.


It was also. Moreover, when he had been arrested by police. Freyhan The legacy of nineteenth-century constructions of male prostitution is still strongly. During the same year as Freyhan. Butts argued for the establish-. He observed:. It would give an opportunity for psychologists. It would permit those who had a possibility of normal develop-. Butts The discovery of the heterosexual male prostitute was to challenge the. Some of the preoccupations and concerns of the new understanding of male. The study was, in its day, the. Jersild produced a number of case studies of. Morality Department of the Copenhagen Police in the course of a special investiga-.

Furthermore, Jersild noted that conventional forms of punishment. Jersild argued on humanitarian grounds for a change in the Danish. Youths who were found to be in circumstances that. For Jersild, male prostitution was a problem that required its own distinct forms. What had led Jersild to this conclusion?