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My parents might disown me, my colleague might avoid me like the plague and my termination soon to follow , and my friends will leave me. I also have to keep my relationships undercover really well. Thank God for those James Bond movies! What a load of bull. It puts unneeded stress on keeping a relationship.

Indonesia Wants to Ban Gay Dating Apps, Again - VICE

I get a steady job, I went to a mall this weekend and had udon, and I want to see Justice League. I won't be open to people that I'm a gay.

It's not entirely about myself. It's about my position in this society and my family. That's why I have to pretend if I want to socially survive, although I'm not going to the extent of having girlfriend. Sometimes, I fake myself being homophobic in order to ensure people won't suspect me being a gay, since my friends usually already have experience of dating. If my friend knew this, they would be disgusted of me.

It feels wrong. In this religious country, LGBT is not right. I'm myself a Catholic, have been indoctrinated that man supposed to love woman, God doesn't approve homosexual, etc. I'm not a devoted Catholic, but still it feels wrong for me. What if a handsome guy came at me and kissing me? Damn, I'd not be able to pretend again. He would broke the wall. Sometimes, I hope for it, but I know it would be a more complicated problem, mentally tiring.

Maybe if we kept it a secret, I'd be fine, but sadly it'd be mentally tiring, too. Sigh… but now I focus myself to chase the other things. Perhaps if I couldn't succeed in love, I could be successful in something I'm passionate.


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How does it feel? Sometimes when I realise what and where I am, though? Socially, however? Holier-than-thou attitude anywhere. I feel fine. Im happy being single. Im a productive member of the society. Im openly gay.

Crowds Cheer As Gay Men Are Caned in Indonesia (HBO)

My family member though shocked at first when i admit to them that im gay ends up supporting me, instead of shunning me. And to top that of I'm a muslim. I cannot generalize my blessings with other LGBT members but at least my experience thought me to be gratefull, never take things for granted and support other LGBT members as much as i can. And i did! I supported my best friend through thick and thin, whether im in Indonesia or abroad. He's my best friend and my soulmate.

Indonesia Wants to Ban Gay Dating Apps, Again

Im proud being Gay, Muslim and Indonesian at the same time. I am gay and over the past 22 years of living in this country, I felt so much insecure about my self. Some people around me inclined to despise me due to my behavior. There is also several news about some people doing a harmful things to a transvestite. For instance, some of my friends are an open-minded person and pretty welcome with my sexuality. All I am saying is, it depends on you, which environment you choose to live with. I can say this from what I see to my gay friends. I'm not saying it's all that bad being gay in Indonesia.

Many people already accept it as a part of normal life. But more just still don't. Sign In. WhatsApp removed the GIFs and the whole ordeal ended without the country's 39 million WhatsApp users loosing access to the service. Noor told VICE that the ministry had already secured the support of all national telecom providers to block any "negative" content the ministry finds. In terms of apps, we will follow up with Google.

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While homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, it's no secret that the country has become a hostile place for the LGBTQ community. Usman Hamid, the executive director of Amnesty International Indonesia, said that the banning of LGBTQ-friendly apps and websites indicates deep-rooted homophobia in the Indonesian government. He said that the ban violates the law, since such a ban should have been decided by the court. Conservative groups learned back in the presidential election that there was political ground to be won by focusing on sensitive issues like race and religion, Usman told VICE.

In the years that followed, these same groups continued to push the narrative to win votes.

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We have to be aware of how politicians use conservative waves and intolerance. At the moment, the House of Representatives are still discussing the revision of an article in the Criminal Code that could potentially further restrict the freedom and rights of the LGBTQ community. Welcome to pofdatingsite. Millions of single people! How to match.

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